Frequently Asked Questions

What types of documents can I use?
PDF and text format (.txt)

Is it important that the text is encoded with UTF-8 characters?
Yes, ContaWords requires that the files in text format ( .txt ) use UTF -8 as character encoding. You can choose this option when you save a document as type "Plain Text", "Text encoding" UNICODE (UTF -8) in programs such as Word, OpenOffice, etc. .

What if the text is in a language that is not listed?
ContaWords will not be able to recognize the parts of speech of words. So, although it will count them, it will not make much sense.

What if the text is in Old Castilian?
ContaWords might make mistakes with some of the words that are not in its dictionary. Soon we will have a version with more languages and varieties.

How well can ContaWords recognize entities?
ContaWords does not always correctly recognize entities, so it is best to also clean the list!

Is it possible to use both uploaded files and files from the web simultaneously?
At the moment, no. We would suggest you to download the files anywhere on your computer and upload them to ContaWords along with the ones you already have in your computer.

Any question or suggestion?